Leadership Training

Leadership Training

When a young woman can see her potential, value and worth, it ripples through her own community, and trafficking ultimately stops.

Global Orphan Prevention addresses root causes contributing to children who are orphan trafficked & sex trafficked. 

Our programming is rooted in Education, Empowerment, & Economic development. Donate today and give our girls opportunity to rewrite their stories.


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Our Learning Centers & Dormitories allow girls who normally wouldn't have access to education due to distance, the opportunity to live near the local school and graduate. In some cases, they will be the first in their families to receive an education.
Nepal charities and local schools have worked with us to develop leadership curriculum and provide training for young women within a community. When a young woman can see her potential, and in turn, continue that ripple through her own community, is when trafficking stops.
​"Give the net, not the fish" is a philosophy we stand by. Local banks partner with us to provide a micro-savings and loan program, allowing recipients to take out micro-loans that wouldn't normally qualify to start businesses, improving income, and promoting commerce. Traffickers can earn an entire year's income from the sale of one girl. By replacing their income stream, trafficking is reduced. Global Orphan Prevention helps form women's groups, facilitate training, and provide farm-to-market facilitation.
When constructing our learning centers and educational facilities, we always employ locally. This helps inject income generation into the community. Additionally, we reduce transportation costs by bringing the brick-making to the community. We provide innovative machines, training and support, while empowering entrepreneurs to produce high-quality bricks, using local materials ideally suited to rural communities. Afterward, the machines are donated to the community to use as a social business. To date, we have employed 100 community members through our brick-making program.
Tackling the child trafficking epidemic wouldn't be complete without providing the skills and training to defend oneself should the situation arise. Volunteers work with us to provide training programs and workshops at local schools.
Current efforts have trained over 80 young women in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
We partner with international rescue organizations to provide valuable data that assists in the rescue of children from the villages in which we operate.
​To date, we have helped in locating 7 Nepali girls in Indian brothels. They are currently awaiting extraction.