1. Raise money for GOP
  2. Create educational programs, workshops and safe places for children in need
  3. Change the world


We envision a world in which children are able to stay together with their families and where no child is forgotten or separated because of economic disadvantage in health, income, or circumstance. We envision the reverberation of a world in which the familial value will have an exponential impact beyond the individual!

Our strategies and approaches will challenge the inequality built by an oppressive system and transform young girls into independent free thinkers. By providing girls an educational environment conducive to their learning potential will positively impact local and frontier economies and ultimately set them up to be leaders and changemakers within their communities.

From humble grass-roots beginnings, read our story on how this all started!

Our Values


Working with partners is vital to our success and allows for shared responsibility.

Human Connection

Understanding cultural norms through a different lens and working with each demographic on a case-by-case basis is important.

Independence & Sustainability

Using social enterprise techniques contributes towards programs sustainability.


Not just showing up, but coming back creating loyalty and reliability amongst partnerships.


Approaching each program from a soft power method while working with local partners and communities to understand their desires contributes towards thoughtful program development.