INpowerment Center

INpowerment Center for Girls

Location: Ghyangphedi, Nepal

Our dormitory and learning center is located in the remote access Nepali Himalayas.  Our center provides equal access to education and accommodation for girls who live over a 1-hour trek from school and are at-risk for child sex trafficking and orphan trafficking. A dormitory has been identified by communities in this District as a very clear way to ensure girls can attend school since 70%  of victims are illiterate, disempowered, and living in poverty. This project also supports the Nepal Government National Plan to eliminate child trafficking, outlined by the United Nations International Organization for Migration (IOM).

Programming includes: anti-trafficking awareness, leadership, socio-emotional wellness, and self-development.
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Chandradaya Primary School, Udayapur Nepal

Objective: Organized and granted the construction of a building and provided enrichment material, including a library, playground, and toilets, for a local primary school, serving over 100 students annually.

Impact: The school has since seen a 92% primary graduation rate, and an increase in enrollment of 20%.

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