Birthing kits to be delivered to make-shift maternity wards after two major earthquakes devastate medical services in Nepal

RAUTESBI, NEPAL — After major back-to-back earthquakes in Nepal, the country is still in immediate survival mode, especially with the start of the rainy season.

Global Orphan Prevention has teamed up with the US nonprofit, H.A.N.D. (Helping Assist Nepal’s Disabled) to rebuild the Rautesbi Village Maternity Ward in the one of the country’s most underserved and remote regions.

The earthquake’s aftermath saw the clinic leveled, leaving behind 78 pregnant women attended by one 19-year-old boy. “This is a very rural area,” says GOP advisor Eric Moffet. “It’s nearly a 100-kilometer drive northwest of Kathmandu on steep unforgiving mountain road. The village is so remote that no aid workers or supply trucks have helped them since the first earthquake hit on April 25th. People are in survival mode here.”

Clean Birthing Kit Program:

Our program aims to provide birthing kits to pregnant mothers. These kits are life saving and provide basic, inexpensive tools to help mothers and newborns avoid acquiring infections during childbirth.


Each kit includes;

  1. 1 Birthing mat (for a clean birthing surface)
  2. 1 Blanket (to keep warm)
  3. 1 Bar of soap (for the birth attendant to wash her hands)
  4. 2 Gloves (for birth attendant to wear)
  5. 1 Sterile scalpel blade (to cut the cord)
  6. 3 Pieces of string (2 for tying the umbilical cord, 1 for “just in case”)
  7. 5 Gauze squares (to wipe the mother’s perineum and baby’s eyes)
  8. 1 Sandwich-size ziplock bag (to pack the contents)

In addition to assembling and delivering the kits, the team will build a temporary clinic, and stock it with general supplies such as antiseptic, masks, and further identified items. A portion of labor and delivery training while on site will also be included in the program.


The current condition of Rautbesi Village Maternity Ward and Clinic

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