"Connection heals the world." We connect by finding little versions of ourselves in another human; by having them mirror back to us our good bits (and also sometimes the less desirable bits). It allows us to step into their shoes, feel what they are feeling from their frame of reference, and have a profound understanding of their essence.

We are all doing our part; some smaller, some larger. Stopping the child trafficking epidemic only happens when we work together, when we connect to each other. When we connect to other organizations and people also doing the work. There is a multitude of agencies all over the world, from program partners and rescue organizations, banks, educational facilities, local schools, village development committees (VDCs), and politicians.

Our corporate partners vary too. Some give monetary donations, while others co-create brand partnerships and give a percentage of sales. Some give time and mentorship, while others donate products or services. Whatever the give, know that your support is playing an integral role within the global anti-trafficking network, and making a difference.

And for that, we wholeheartedly thank you."

-Katie Hilborn, founder

Brand Partners

As an official brand partner, you'll have double the exposure to your brand. You'll also have the option to use our marketing team to create collaborative campaigns. There's many ways to partner including dedicating a percentage of sales from a particular product, or anything in between.

Clear Cannabis, Inc has pledged half of a percent of all revenue from the sales of it’s The Clear Apothecary line of CBD products to help support the initiatives of Global Orphan Prevention at home and around the world.

This platform allows employees to select Global Orphan Prevention for matching corporate donations.

AmazonSmile donates 0.5% of all sales when customers select Global Orphan Prevention before shopping.

Customers can round up purchases and Seller can donate their eBay selling fees by selecting Global Orphan Prevention.

Corporate Sponsors & Foundations

Our corporate sponsors gift cash donations to the organization, and in exchange receive tax write-off benefits and cross-promotional marketing.

Program Partners, Affiliates & Coalitions

RedPanda Women’s Group, Ghyangphedi Nepal

Ghyangphedi Shree School, Ghyangphedi Nepal

Shikharbesi Women’s Group, Shikharbesi Nepal

Jana Jyoti Shree Primary School, Pokhari Nepal

Chandradaya Primary School, Udaypaur Nepal

Annapurna Self-Sustaining Orphan Home, Pokhara Nepal

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Global Orphan Prevention addresses root causes contributing to children who are orphan trafficked & sex trafficked. Our programming is rooted in Education, Empowerment, & Economic development. Donate today and give our girls opportunity to rewrite their stories.