Global Orphan Prevention AID Worker to Arrive in Nepal after Devastating Earthquake

KATHMANDU, NEPAL — After a devastating earthquake flattened Nepal last Saturday, followed by 47 (and counting) major aftershocks, the death toll has risen to 3400 casualties and is expected to climb to over 10,000. Children and loved ones are still lost under rubble while hospitals are overflowing with the wounded.

We can’t sit back and watch this unfold. 

Global Orphan Prevention’s sustainable development advisor Eric Moffet has volunteered to fly to Kathmandu this weekend to assist on the ground. Eric originally was scheduled to arrive May 25th to assist with our current development projects, but in lieu of recent events, the call was made to depart as early as possible.

In addition to regularly scheduled work on the sustainable dairy farm project in Pokhari, Eric will support in prompt relief and clean up efforts while providing desperately needed supplies for the people of Nepal, especially in rural and underserved regions.

We are collecting donations for his efforts. 

Eric will be using his personal money to purchase the following:

  1. Energy rich foods with high calories like Energy biscuits, Protein bars, canned foods like tuna fish, Muesli, canned soups, meat paste
  2. Dry foods like nuts, cereals, peanut butter, dried meat, dried fruits , instant noodles, dried breads , crackers
  3. Multi-vitamins in tablet forms
  4. Paracetamols, antibiotics, painkillers, arm bandages, thermometer and emergency medical supplies
  5. Water filter – Stuff or tablets that can purify water like chlorine tablets
  6. Masks
  7. Personal hygiene items, such as sanitary napkins, diapers, hand sanitizer
  8. Rubber Gloves
  9. Thick rubber gloves for handling debris
  10. Latex gloves for handling surgical/medical cases
  11. Sanitizers
  12. Torch Lights with batteries
  13. External batteries
  14. First Aid Kits
  15. Disinfectant Wipes
  16. Matches in a waterproof pouch or other fire starter such as a flint rod
  17. Large Plastic Sheets/Trash Bag
  18. Diarrhea pills
  19. Toilet Papers, hand sanitizers
  20. Glucose


If anyone would like to donate money to help with these purchases, your contribution is urgently requested. Please find the link to donate here. We will be keeping updated blogs throughout the emergency informing donors of Eric’s mission while on the ground. 

He plans to stay in-country for the next three months. 100% of your donation will go to the earthquake relief efforts.

Thanks and much love, the GOP team!

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