MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Dominick Paoloni


Dominick Paoloni is the Vice President of ​our Executive Board of Directors and Governance Chairperson. 

Dominick is the founder and CIO of IPS Strategic Capital and has served the investment community for over 35 years. He received his Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA®) through the Wharton School of Business and completed the College for Financial Planning’s CFP certification program. Currently, he is An Adjunct Professor at the University of Denver, he frequently lectures in Denver and internationally on the real-world use of derivatives in risk-defined money management.​​
What do people often thank you for?

Commitment to excellence in protecting and growing my investors´ life savings and steering their hard-earned assets through the jungle of economic turmoil. 

What do you see as your place or purpose in life? How did you come to that conclusion?.
There’s no greater purpose in life than service to others.” I believe in reincarnation and the things we do, learn, teach, love, and give in this life are really all about the growth of our soul through the journey of many lives. Therefore, I believe things like fear and worry are a waste of life, as Jackson Browne once said, this life is just another town along the road. I came to this conclusion because I’ve been told by many spiritual gurus that I’m an old soul. I believe that old souls, as we continue to learn in the current life, live many lives in the past which takes us to a deeper understanding of self.

What’s your favorite aspect about being involved with GlobalOP? And what are your current or former duties?
I believe that my greatest value to GlobalOP and my greatest gift that I was given by a higher power is my ability to think outside-the-box and be creative. This helps Katie Hilborn (the founder & CEO) build a sustainable, charitable organization where we can build empowerment centers globally that can stand and grow as an answer to the greed that encompasses the world. As a successful business owner, I understand the aspects of running a business, in which I can help to be a mentor to the growth of GlobalOP. My current duties are to help oversee and direct the associate board in order to execute given guidance to Katie on business decisions and use my organization to execute these ideas.

If Global Orphan Prevention were to be on the cover of your favorite magazine in five years, what would the story be about?
It would be a photo of Katie Hilborn that states “some people see things as they are and say why, but Katie saw things that never were and said why not.” It would be about how Katie’s determination and drive was able to affect change in the world.

What do you feel have been the important successes in your life? The frustrations?
Michael Jordan once said, “I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life, and that is why I succeed.” We learn when we fail, we don’t when we succeed. Success is not the destination, it’s the journey. I have been frustrated by ignorance and ego. Stephen Hawking once said “ignorance is not the absence of knowledge, it’s the illusion of knowledge.” Ego is the reason why people don’t expand and learn. Have humility and be open minded and you can have the knowledge of the universe.

What would be your advice to younger generations about learning about causes, getting involved, and doing something about it?
One person can make a difference and if you believe that at a young age, then you could be the next Martin Luther King. The butterfly effect: this effect grants the power to cause a hurricane in China to a butterfly flapping its wings in New Mexico. It may take a very long time, but the effect is real. If the butterfly had not flapped its wings at the very right time, the hurricane would not have happened. We all have the power of the butterfly.

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