New Campaign Launched!!

POKHARA, NEPAL — We are pleased to announce the launch of a new campaign to create a more sustainable world. In November of this year, we are building farms for low-caste schools in Nepal. This will help generate income to support continuing educational advances and progress.
The Challenge

  • Low-caste (Dalit) children endure harsh discrimination:  To be a Dalit means that you are “lower than livestock” in the eyes of others. Landlords won’t rent to you, employers won’t hire you, and the very little money families earn will not buy adequate education for their children.
  • Low-caste (Dalit) children are denied equal access to education: Dalits have a 33% literacy rate while high-castes have between 60-83% (“Comparative Study of Dalit Education in Nepal”), meaning they can never rise up from their social class.
  • Low-caste schools need a better system to fund themselves: Government funding is minimal and outside charity is not sustainable.

The Plan

Each farm requires a 1-time initial investment of $13,000 USD to get it up and running, and generating income! That means, that for only 13K, you can make an entire school self-sustained.

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