Charity Brand Ambassador

Can you introduce yourself as an officer of the Global Orphan Prevention charity ambassador?

Hello world, I’m Pratistha Devkota, 19, an aspiring aviator and a commercial pilot graduate. I’m a simple girl from humble beginnings who’s curious about trying new things and being exposed to multiple things like pageants, sports, scripting, singing, and many more. I’m also a former member of Nepal Peace Scouts and 1st Dan in Taekwondo. Born and brought up in Nepal, I have experienced a patriarchal society and the dim status of females in it beyond potential. Since humanity and kindness have always been my mission in life, Global Orphans Prevention’s deeds of rescuing trafficked girls and giving them a new life have attracted me. And I am more than hopeful to be working with the team as a Brand Ambassador leaping peace, creating a world where everyone is equal, and everyone’s right to live is addressed.

What inspires you about our mission and why do you care?

I can relate to being a girl and growing up with dreams, to being a girl willing to fly but being innocently victimized by having my wings cut off. I can relate to being a girl dreaming of building a home but being used to building up others’ economies. That’s the pain the middle-class and the low-class trafficked girls go through. Rescuing these girls from being victims and giving them hope and facilities to live their dream, live their life is a godly deed. And that’s what inspires me about the mission. We’re living our life to make one.

Why is philanthropy and volunteering important to your fans?

If you have 300 rupees ($2.28) for your tiffin and you’re planning to spend 50 rupees ($0.38) on junk foods that will ruin your health. It’s always better to donate that 50 rupees so that someone doesn’t have to sleep hungry tonight. If you’re collecting 1,000 rupees ($7.61) for your night out where you’re drinking and gonna waste 30% of your food, it’s always better to separate at least 50 rupees so that someone out there can study. It’s better to donate so that someone can use pads while they bleed than to waste money unnecessarily on purchasing contraceptives and pills. So what I believe is there’s always a way to help, you don’t have to be rich. If your heart is pure, and you ought to help the needy, you’re already rich. You don’t have wealth to take when you die, so it’s better not to keep your ego when it comes to help. So I believe someone out there is definitely out for help because philanthropy and volunteering matter. We’re here to help each other live.

How can your fans get involved with supporting Global Orphan Prevention?

They can donate what they can, may it be money, clothes, stationeries, books, etc. They can get involved in spreading public awareness and be a part of our events. They can help more people know and reach out to us introducing us, the Global Orphan Prevention family, and our missions.

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