Member SPOTLIGHT: Alexandra Ruby

Alexandra Ruby is from the great state of Minnesota and can turn the beloved Minnesotan accent on with the drop of a dime. She prides herself on her compassion and empathy for others and is always on the path to growth and self-improvement.

Alexandra is the visionary and driving force behind Happy Gnome HR as well as her other company The Support Suite which she shares with two partners. From strategic direction to partnerships and all the in-betweens she keeps the wheels moving. With a strong and tenured background in the cannabis industry, working with companies ranging from small mom-and-pop operations to multi-state and vertically integrated operators, she enjoys helping startups and scaling businesses thrive.

On any given weekend you’ll find her nestled in the mountains either working on the business or reading a book about how to improve it. A lover of all things water, you can find her during the summer spending her time boating, fishing, hiking, and camping in the Rocky Mountains with her favorite mountain towns being Steamboat Springs and the Frisco area.

What do people often thank you for?

Hospitality, care, and concern. Friendship.

What do you see as your place or purpose in life? How did you come to that conclusion?

Leading with love, compassion and understanding. Leaving the world a better place than I/we found it. I’ve just always been a positive and glass half full person. It’s the way I have always seen things.

What’s your favorite aspect about being on the Gala planning committee and volunteering? And what are your current duties?

Knowing that my efforts are contributing to the greater good and helping to pave a more opportunity-rich environment for girls I’ve never even met. They deserve the same opportunities just as I have had the privilege to.

If Global Orphan Prevention were to be on the cover of your favorite magazine in five years, what would the story be about?

Success stories and perhaps a vogue style fashion spread of the girls our efforts have helped.

What do you feel have been the important successes in your life? The frustrations?

Successes are moving out to Colorado and living here for 13 happy years, traveling internationally at least once per year, being involved in different charitable organizations such as GOP, becoming the founder and CEO of Happy Gnome HR and a managing partner of my other company The Support Suite. Overcoming my fear of public speaking.

Frustrations- The economy’s impact on small businesses, the lack of compassion and connection between strangers, the high cost of living around the country…to name a few.

What would be your advice to younger generations about learning about causes, getting involved, and doing something about it?

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Anything else you want to talk about?


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