Nepal Earthquake Response: Birthing Center Mission – Episode 1

The team heads to the remote mountain region of Leychang, Nepal to reestablish a birthing center and health post after Nepal’s series of devastating earthquakes. They experience treacherous high mountain passes during heavy monsoon, and impassable road. Episode 1 follows them during their journey to the village.

With them are Katie Hilborn and Eric Moffet from Global Orphan Prevention, Laxmi Tamung from the Midwifery Society of Nepal, and Curtis Taylor, Kamal Soun, and Gaurav Karki from the Maternity & Health Crisis Response Team.

Nepal is still recovering from earthquakes on April 25th (7.8 magnitude), April 26th (6.7), and May 12th (7.3), followed by 366 aftershocks and counting. There was a 4.6 magnitude aftershock just yesterday and a 4.1 the night before. While no longer in immediate survival mode, people are still displaced living in temporary shelters with a pressing concern for sanitation issues and lack of water.

Stay tuned for Episode 2, where the team arrives at the Leychang Health Post to assess the current needs and to build a semi-permanent shelter, until a permanent one can be built.





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