We came to buy a cow, they wanted a school!

I suppose a blog update is in order here.  I know some of you have patiently been waiting to hear about our village trip.  I’ve needed the last week or so to collect my thoughts, as our journey to the Koshi Tappu region of Nepal was one of the more stressful things I’ve done in my life.  Which is why, I’ve spent the past week traveling through Nepal.  Long bus journeys and a stop in Lumbini – the birthplace of the Buddha – has done wonders for my psyche.

The much needed reflection and meditation has allowed me to organize my thoughts and come to realize the scope of the project at large.So what exactly happened at the village?  I’m not going to sugar coat this – it was unreal and I was thrown completely out of my element (to be put plainly).  As many of you know, the Nepalese Orphan Fund’s mission is to fix the problem before it occurs.  To prevent children from becoming orphans by giving the mother or father a source of income generation, so they are not inclined to “give” the child away to an orphanage.

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