What the Orphan Home Needs


Hello All,Today, Jesse and I have laid out our plans for the orphanage.  There is a lot of work that needs to be done.  We’ve made a list of the Top Projects and items to be bought that are the utmost priority.

Dry Food: We are buying a month’s supply of rice and flour, because they are down to their last bag.  This should cost roughly $400.

Lice Problem: All the children have lice.  Today we will buy medicine.

Dying Chickens: The chickens are the one of the orphanage’s main sources of income.  They have about 200 chickens but most are sick and/or dying because they are are festering in their current conditions with minimal air circulation.  The plan is to build a new coop with different compartments, so that the floors can be cleaned more often, while housing no more than 25-50 chickens per compartment.  In addition, we will add air circulation through the new structure.

Broken Window Screens / Doors: All the windows have broken screens.  This is a safety problem for the kids who stick their hands through and get cut.  In addition, several tin doors are corroding making it also a dangerous situation for the children.

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